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In Park

Kyle Jennings is an MLB pitcher with 2.5 million in the bank but lives in a Volkswagen Westfalia in a Florida Walmart parking lot. Brit is putting her life back together working at that same Walmart.  A chance meeting between the two sparks an intense debate about privilege, morality, and the right way to live a life. As their differences melt away, they finally discover the singular event that changed both their lives.

In Park was performed at the Hudson Guild Theatre as part of the New York Theater Festival January 18-21, 2018.

Green Sahara  

Murphy, a National Geographic videographer, must determine how to proceed when his subject, a renowned environmental scientist, loses faith in his cause in the middle of his Climate-Change Awareness Trek across the Sahara Desert.

Winner of the Green Planet award from Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival 2016
National Finalist at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival 2016


When his wife’s pants (metaphorical and literal) start getting a little too stiff, Spencer resorts to the only thing he can think of to help her let loose: cashing in the six years worth of time off she’s accrued for a surprise summer-long camping trip.

Regional Finalist at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival 2016
Pants received a production as part of Theatre InspiraTO's Ten Minute Play Festival in Toronto, Canada in 2018

Sister’s Keeper

A semi-modern riff on the Biblical story of sisters Rachel and Leah, and their lifelong battle over the same man.

The Legs

A humorous, silent play about a pair of legs bearing the weight of an extreme burden, and the brave human to whom the legs belong.