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The Trail

A young MMA fighter fleeing from the law finds herself stranded along the Appalachian Trail with a ragtag group of squatters living their truth in the backwoods.  When a sinister forest ranger threatens their way of life, Robyn must keep her identity hidden and decide whether to face her responsibilities or live the “hakuna matata” life with her newfound family.

The Trail was presented as part of the Appalachian Festival of Plays and Playwrights at the historic Barter Theatre of Virginia in January 2019

Project X

In 1944 a physicist answers a newspaper ad for “Project X: a project that will win the war.”  He whisks his young family off to a secret city in the hills of Tennessee and soon learns that his assignment is much heavier than he anticipated, and the weight of the responsibility and secrecy threatens to pull his family apart.

Project X was performed as part of the Appalachian Festival of Plays and Playwrights at the Barter Theatre of Virginia in January 2020

Project X was produced by MOD Theatre Company at the Secret Theater in New York City in April 2019


Association for Mormon Letters Award 2019

Mach 33: Caltech/Pasadena Playhouse Festival of New Science-Driven Plays Finalist 2019

Premiere Play Festival at Premiere Stages Semi Finalist 2018

Mayhew Playwriting Award from Brigham Young University

Premiere Stages

Kean University
"Premiere Stages, the professional Equity theatre in residence at Kean University, is pleased to recognize “Project X” by Taylor Hatch as a semifinalist for the 2018 Premiere Play Festival. “Project X” rose through a competitive selection process conducted by Premiere staff and a panel of outside theatre professionals to become one of 22 semifinalists out of 572 submissions. The panel was particularly impressed by the play’s sharply drawn characters, the complex and compelling dynamics of this family in a time of war, and the smart, organic moments of theatrical magic that permeate the piece. Our congratulations and thanks to Taylor."

2019 AML Drama Award

Citation Excerpt
"Peck deftly navigates the secrets, mystery, and discovery that haunt almost every family story, by sharing the strength and choices that were specifically part of hers. This family shows what it means to have the deepest faith, faith enough to continue down a path of belief not knowing where it will lead or if you will ever return. [....] This is belief. This is family. This is life. Peck’s specific, creative, almost musical storytelling help us feel the meaning behind it all. It is an honor to name Project X the 2019 AML Drama Award Recipient